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ISBN 1-59473-430-7
February 2006
Whiskey Creek Press
161 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Candy, a lingerie designer, was raised by a foster mother because of the powerful Morris family's actions. Greg Morris is also the boy who stood her up for the prom. During her high school reunion, she meets a wonderful man and sparks fly, until Candy realizes he is her lost prom date coming back for another chance.

Greg adored Candy but his family interfered and he lost his chance. When he finds out Candy is coming to the reunion, he plans on getting and keeping her. Unfortunately, his family still plans to stop him.

Candy and Greg fight the past in hopes for a future. The main question will be to see if old misunderstandings can give way to a future free from interference, or is the past destined to haunt them.

The chemistry between Candy and Greg is great, and their personal reunion even hotter. The sex is great, and I enjoy it from their first encounter as a wonderful reflection of Greg's adoration of Candy. The dialogue, as their relationship grows, is perfect. Secondary characters seem to jump around emotionally but overall support the plot well and keep the book moving quickly. What I most enjoy is how past events influences their actions today and how Candy and Greg's characters need their history to be together in the present. Candy and Greg were not frozen in time pining away for each other, but led full lives that make them more empathetic and their interactions more genuine. This is why I find It Had to be You a great book.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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