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ISBN# (10)1-59052-405-5/(13)978-1-59052-405-3
May 15, 2007
Multnomah (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
400 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Fernanda Lerida, a master student at FSU in Panama City plans an expedition with her professor and three other students to the remote former prison area of Isle Coiba. This is the perfect chance to further their research by collecting moths in an effort to find a cure for AIDS, but none anticipated the danger ahead.

Rip Rubio is a Special Forces Staff Sergeant with the Task Force Valor. He has survived four combat deployments to the Middle East and now he must locate some modern-day pirates bent on stealing ships then taking the cargo. He soon learns this cargo is much more dangerous.

For Fernanda, Zack, Carlos, Hedi and Professor Alex Quintero, a top entomologist, the expedition to a remote island proves to be a dangerous trip into the jungle. It did not take long for Fernanda, Alex and Carlos to wind up in the hands of terrorists Chombon and his gang, leaving the students fearing they will never see home again. Rip, and his task force, learn they must undergo a military task to the Isle Coiba. After finding a lone survivor adrift, they learn his ship was commandeered by pirates. Now the task force searches for ITEB, IsoTriEthylBorane, an explosive liquid that can cause considerable damage if in the wrong hands. It is by accident that Rip literally runs into Fernanda when he is parachuting into the island. Confused and in pain, she is happy to see the American soldier come to her rescue. Rip had no idea anyone was on the island. He informs her he is there on a mission with the other task force to locate the ITEB. The search escalates as the pursuit for the liquid intensifies, while the soldiers rush to find an escape for Alex and Carlos from Chombon. Every hour clicks to countdown before an island could erupt into a fiery inferno.

The action, the danger, and the thrill can all be felt in the Island Inferno. From the moment the students arrive on the island, I was flipping the pages in anticipation. The drama with Rip parachuting down and connecting right with Fernanda was a huge adrenalin rush. The visualization of the jungle scenario and Rip with his knife and his rifle actually made the scene authentic. Mr. Holton captures a story as if watching headlines explode. I like the way he incorporated God in their lives by showing that through him, one can have strength to be able to endure. This intriguing, action-packed page-turner is one excellent read that really delivers an impact.

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