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ISBN #9781419911736
December 2007
Cerridwen Press
116 Pages
Historical romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Isabelle Linden has always been the good, sensible daughter. Although she does not like it, she allows her father to make choices for her because of his explosive temper. A temper he will take out on her mother if she does not comply. However, when she meets Sir Harry Manderlin he makes her feel things she has never felt before and she throws caution to the wind.

From the moment Sir Harry Manderlin lays eyes on Isabelle he is completely smitten. He is tired of fake women and Isabelle is everything his heart is looking for. It makes no difference to him that they came from completely different worlds. He is going to make her his wife just as soon as he finishes some business in America with his uncle.

Harry and Isabelle endure problems that were never expected. Isabelle learns she is carrying Harry's child. When she is ordered to leave her parents home, she is alone and scared. She has not heard from Harry and believes he has abandoned her. Harry is in a bad predicament when an accident leaves him with memory loss. What will happen to this forbidden love? Will they ever find each other again?

Isabelle's Story is a sweet heart-warming tale of an undeniable love between two special people. It is a feel good read and you will come away with a warm feeling all over. My only wish is that the author would have given the characters a bit more depth. Yet overall, this book is a charming read and my interest is peaked about Isabelle's Diary, Ms. Birt's next book. In it, she displays Isabelle's character.

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