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ISBN: 9781425982515
May 10, 2007
Author house
1663 Liberty Dr, Suite 200, Bloomington IN, 47403
Paperback / E-Book
£14.71 / £9.40
415 Pages
Crime / Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Philip Graves, D. I. for Scotland Yard, was at his breaking point. He had just lost a fellow officer on a case, and the nightmares were getting worse. His suspension guaranteed that he take some much needed time off.

Sergeant Reginald Graves was retired from the Willenbury police department. He was also estranged from his son. He helped out at the station when they needed him, but an attack left him hospitalized and somehow closer to his son than ever before.

Philip had just learned of the attack on his father. He knew his mother would need his support, but the thought of spending time in a hospital had always sent him into panic mode. He was never sure why. His father’s attack, a 25-year-old string of murders, and an orphanage left him with more questions than answers. He soon became embroiled in the investigation, not knowing that it would change his life forever.

The plot thickens page after page in this amazing book. Philip’s internal war comes to a head as he takes on his father’s investigation. He had always had a strained relationship with his father, but nightmares and panic attacks would not stop him from bringing the responsible person to justice. Murder, blackmail, and sex crimes are just some of the elements used to create a mystery that leaves you guessing until the very end. Mr. Hupton has a real gift, and I for one am glad he has shared it with the rest of us.

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