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ISBN# 978-0765355799
August 2007
Tor Books
175 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10010
Mass market paperback
320 Pages
Paranormal romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Deke is a former cop turned private investigator who has been cast in a spell that put him in a cartoon by someone with whom he cannot remember ever coming in contact. Ryne has been able to free Deke for a short period of time, but he can’t seem to piece his memories together. They hope that if Deke can regain a few of his memories, they will then have a clue to help with undoing the spell.

Ryne is Gineal, a troubleshooter to be exact, and a part of the magical circle that protects humans and others from harm. She takes her job seriously and is good, if not the best, at her job. Unfortunately, she has to bring down her mentor and teacher who has gone to the dark side. What does Deke have to do with it?

Ryne and Deke have a very limited time to find out why Anise has put him under her spell and Ryne must capture Anise before she can get any stronger. Being in such close proximity to a human keeps Ryne on edge as she has sworn never to get involved with one. Deke, however, has no problem with letting Ryne know he wants to be with her and will protect her at all costs, even keeping her from falling prey to the dark luring voices.

In the Midnight Hour is a fascinating and exciting read. Very well written characters and never ending suspense is just some of what you will find. A simple yet strong romance blossoms in the middle of all the chaos of good and evil forces that stand off in a race against time. The ending so surprising you’ll be glad you read this book. I will definitely add Ms. O’Shea to my list of must read authors.

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