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ISBN#: (13) 978-1-4201-0026-6/(10) 1-4201-0026-2
November 2008
Zebra Books/Kensington Publishing Group
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
342 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 cups

Lindsay O’Neil runs a shelter for battered women, and is separated from her husband Zack. She still loves Zack, but he cheated on her after she kicked him out of their home because of his alcoholism. Now she is just doing her best to get by.

Zack Kier is a detective, and is still in love with his wife Lindsay. He is well aware that he has screwed up royally, and wants desperately to get back together with Lindsay. He will do anything to make up to her for his mistakes.

When someone finds a murdered man on Lindsay’s women’s shelter property, all hell breaks loose. When Lindsay gets flowers with the murder victim’s severed hand in another small box with it, she is horrified. Along with the disgusting present is a note from a man calling himself The Guardian. Because Zack is still married to Lindsay, he cannot take the lead on the case, but his boss does still allow him to investigate it with his partner. While he does his best to protect Lindsay, it becomes increasingly clear as time goes on, and more disgusting presents arrive, that there is more going on here than a man killing off those he considers to be Lindsay’s enemies. With threats coming from all directions, it is all Zack can do to both handle his love for Lindsay and keep her safe, because if they do not hurry up and figure out what is going on, more people are going to die.

I’m Watching You kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Ms. Burton tells a richly layered tale with this book of revenge, lost love and murder. The secondary characters are as well developed as the primary characters, making the story very enjoyable as the reader has a chance to know all the characters quite well. I really liked how well the author was able to get the reader inside the heads of all the characters, helping the reader to really understand them and their motivations. I also enjoyed how she showed that all the characters, even the ones committing horrible crimes had both good things and bad things about their personalities. The way she was able to show the character’s motivations was really enlightening for this reader as well. I highly recommend I’m Watching You to all those who like a book that they can sit down and not put down until they are done!

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