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ISBN# 9781419980039
October 2007
The Lotus Circle
172 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Deanna Oscar is a psychic detective with two PhD’s in psychology. She inherited a mansion in New Orleans, a fortune, and her psychic abilities from a grandmother she never knew and helps the police and others in her newly adopted city.

Gran Oscar may be dead, but she is determined to help her granddaughter and keep her out of danger as well as helping her develop her abilities.

In the aftermath of Katrina, a would-be psychic founds a cult and is determined to discredit De’s abilities through an unscrupulous reporter. When a local drag club owner is murdered, the two compete to find the murderer, but De is distracted by the arrival of her less than supportive family and her friend Mary Lou’s affair with the ex-priest Greg.

The characters really make this story. Alive or dead they are colorful, well written, and mesmerizing. I especially enjoyed Deanna’s trips to the Other Side, almost like she was just going away for the weekend. There is plenty of drama from Mary Lou’s affair to the drag queens and their problems, and the snake handling cultists. The snakes really creeped me out as intended. De’s family’s attempts to deal with her talents and her new life were amusing at times, but always interesting. The author combines the post Katrina atmosphere of New Orleans with a really great detective story and even throws in the promise of a romance between De and John Weathers in the future. The psychic talents of the lead character and the Lotus Circle add much to the story, and I just loved the ghosts. I missed the first book of the series, but will definitely get it now.

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