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ISBN# 9780425224540
November 2008
Berkley Sensation/Pengrin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014-3658
342 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Lady Alaida is the lady of Alnwick, and oversees the lands, property and servants in her grandfather’s stead since he has been captured by the Norman king. She has three very persistent suitors who refuse to leave no matter how much she tries to get them to. She has little patience when it comes to these suitors and is simply doing her best to hold her own.

Ivar Graycloak now known as Ivo de Vassy is a Viking who has been cursed by a sorceress with both immortality and the ability to shapeshift into an eagle. Cursed to be an eagle by day and a man by night, Ivar, and his friends who have also been cursed are just doing their best to fit in and get by until it is time to again move on before someone discovers their secret.

When the king gives Ivar not only land but a bride he is very pleased, in spite of the fact that he knows eventually he will have to leave her and any children they may have behind. However, Lady Alaida, his new bride is less than pleased with the entire set up since it has just made her feel like so much chattel. She agrees to the marriage intending to slip out into the night and go to a convent since in her mind taking vows in one of the religious orders is preferable to being married to Ivar. Fortunately, Ivar quickly surmises that she is up to something and follows her up to her room. Alaida attempts to lie to him, but he quickly figures out she is packing in order to leave him. Though he is able to convince her to marry him for real, she is none too happy about it as evidenced by the nun’s habit she wears to the wedding ceremony. It is not long before Ivar convinces her that lovemaking is wonderful, and that being married to him is not terrible after all, that is until a vision his friend has brings knowledge that shatters his happiness. Will the contents of the vision destroy what he and Alaida have just begun to build?

Immortal Warrior is the best sort of paranormal romance! I really loved Alaida’s spirit, and how in spite of the fact that it is very much a man’s world, she still often gets the last word. Ivar and his friend’s dilemma is truly heartbreaking, and I really found myself rooting for them to overcome this curse. Ms. Hendrix does a fantastic job of world building and gives the reader a bird’s eye view into the Viking world. The author clearly did her research when it came to the book, and the world of an England run by the Normans came alive for this reader. I also really enjoyed how the relationship developed between Ivar and Alaida, and the ending is simply par excellence. Put simply, you do not want to miss this one!

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