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ISBN# 9781603704663
September 10, 2008
Torquere Press (Screwdriver)
156 pages
Gay Erotic Romance/ Paranormal
Rating: 4 cups

After he was killed by a rival CIA agent, Darren Cox began working for the Agency of Afterlife Activity as a Retriever in the Hawk unit. His job is to retrieve ghosts who have unfinished business on Earth and help them cross over to the other side. A man known for his harsh demeanor, Darren finds it hard to work with his new, bubbly partner.

Tanner Simms is Darren’s newest partner. He became a retrieval agent when he crossed over at the age of nineteen. He is the bright to Darren’s dark. Tanner is also strongly attracted to his partner and slowly brings Darren around to his way of thinking.

When Chief Reed presents the retrieval units with a new assignment, Tanner volunteers the Hawk unit for the job. They need to find a dangerous ghost who is still haunting his last victim. The problem is the man this ghost used to be was involved with invoking demon spirits, and this makes him more powerful. When Tanner has a run-in with this ghost, Darren saves Tanner and finds himself in an interesting position.

This story has it all: mystery, action, romance, and great sex! I was fascinated by the concept of the Agency of Afterlife Activity and how they keep humans safe. It is a comforting idea. I was on the edge of my seat as Darren and Tanner battled the demon and, again, as they fell in love with each other. The author made Darren and Tanner such opposites that it was hard to imagine them together, but it was nice to see that Tanner was able to melt through Darren’s ice cold heart. Opposites can truly attract and Mr. Monte shows that.

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