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ISBN# 978-1-60088-283-8
July 2008
Cobblestone Press, LLC
53 pages
Erotic romance
Rating 3 Cups

Amber Mentor just wants a clean house. Is that to much to ask? Determined to teach her cousin a lesson, Amber starts to hide all the clutter in the attic. Strange things start to happen and then she falls and bangs her head. When she wakes, she finds that it is very cold and she is in Nordic Greenland in 1345.

Soren Elrickson is the chieftain of his tribe. When he finds Amber in the wilderness, he soon realizes she is the woman he wants. Knowing life in Greenland is hard and getting harder, Soren must decide whether to send Amber away to possible safety or keep her with him in the village where he can protect her.

After Amber is transported back in time, it is urgent that Soren teach her quickly about life in the fourteenth century. Although she does not like the idea of being owned by a man, she soon comes to realize that is the only way she will be able to stay with him.

I enjoyed reading Ms Killian’s book although I found it difficult to follow in places. It did not explain what or how things happened such as when Amber traveled through time. After that point, the story appears to be historically correct, but it slows and even the romance is somewhat lacking in places.

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