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ISBN#: 978-1-934312-03-04
June 2008
Black Lyon Publishing
PO Box 567, Baker City, OR 97814
164 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Tara Stuart is a descendant of the shifter goddess, Azina. She is the woman named in a prophecy stating that she must marry a wolf shifter Prince to come into her power and rule as Queen of all the wolves. She has rebelled against this her whole life.

Logan Cross owes the head wolf shifter a life debt and Damian has decided to call it in, in a particularly difficult way. He must bring Damian’s mate to him. Every other wolf they come across will be trying to take her, but a debt is a debt and the Prince of the Cat Shifters is an honorable man.

The time has come for the Goddess Azina’s prophecy to be fulfilled. Her descendant must become the mate of a Wolf Shifter Prince to unite them all and prepare them for changes to come. Unfortunately, the woman in question does not want to cooperate and every Wolf Prince is trying to find her.

This is an interesting story full of both wolf and cat shifters. I was totally on Tara’s side from the beginning. Who would want to go from a life of independence and luxury to become the Queen of a guy who turns into a wolf and lives in a cave? Logan, in true cat style, is pretty sneaky and determined to get his own way. He tries to ignore the chemistry between them to pay his debt to a man he respects, but Tara is just too much for him. I really enjoyed this story. The characters are very vivid and the settings are so well described that the reader will have no problem picturing them. I would have liked a little more information on the shifter’s world and the prophecy, but other than that this story is a definite page turner.

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