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ISBN: 9781603942812
New Concepts Publishing
69 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

The year is 1850 in England when Wilhelmina Corbet, or Willy as she likes to be called, gets the news that she is to marry. With her “countrified” ways, she knows that when leaving the town of Northumberland not only must she get rid of her unladylike ways, but she must learn to become a lady as well.

Blake, Viscount Dangerfield, is known for his rakish ways, especially when it comes to the ladies. Being told he is to marry or lose his inheritance is bad enough. Learning it is none other than Willy makes his betrothal seem unbearable.

On her way to London with her aunt, Willy is kidnapped by highwaymen who have nefarious plans for the young maiden. When she finally meets up with Blake, Willy finds herself once again falling for the handsome man. With her unique beliefs and kind nature, though, she finds herself being set down time and again by Blake, and being scolded to act more ladylike. As the engagement announcement gets closer and closer, Willy realizes she cannot marry someone who does not love her and decides to go home.

How to Tame a Rake is a breathtaking story of finding your true self. Willy is shown as a gentle, kind soul who is frowned upon because she rescues dogs and orphans. Blake is a rakish bachelor who sees his fiancée as unrefined and tries to mold her into how all the other ladies of the ton act. Only after she struggles to fit in and cannot, does the viscount realize how uncomfortable Willy is with the city life. Ms. Andersen has taken a tale of an arranged marriage between a rake and a country maiden and given it a unique spin that will leave you entertained and falling in love with this beautifully written story.

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