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ISBN # 978-1-921347-08-5
November 2006
The Dark Castle Lords
102 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sophie Greenwood, sent to London for her first season, did not know that her father had lost all his money and her mother had been trying to find a man to wed her before the word got out, but that did not happen. Two years later she is given another season, but things are not much better the second time around. That is, until she meets Mr. Kittridge.

William Kittridge has no title, but he is a suave, charming, a very likeable man, and more important, very wealthy. In London for a real estate deal, he happens to find himself saving a young woman from being attacked by a crazy man. To his delight, they meet again and he offers to help her find her brother. He cares nothing of her background but wishes to spend more time with her.

Sophie, humiliated by her circumstances, hopes things will change when she has her second season. After finding out they have not changed, she begins to stand up for herself and make her own decisions regarding her future. William has helped Sophie in her quest for her brother and now wants her to marry him. But after everything she has been through, will she accept his proposal? Can their friendship move on to permanent relationship?

How to Ruin a Season is a very sweet romantic story. Sophie is a strong woman and Ms. Mueller does a wonderful job of allowing the reader to see the lows and highs of her circumstance. Ms. Mueller has created very memorable characters and a story with twists that will surprise the reader and maybe invoke some annoyance with some other characters. Engaging, exciting, and well written, this is a story that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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