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ISBN #978-0-345-49625-6
February 26, 2008
Ballentine Books/The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 18th Floor, New York, New York 10019
423 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Sophie Garou is an accountant living in Austin, Texas. There is more to Sophie than meets the eye because Sophie is half-werewolf. Though she has none of her mother’s magical gifts, she feels that being a werewolf is quite enough to handle for one lifetime. Carmen Bianca is Sophie’s mother and a witch who runs a small shop called Sit a Spell. Lindsay is Sophie’s best friend, and very beautiful. While Sophie covets Lindsay’s good looks, she is still very fond of Lindsay, as long as Lindsay stays away from Sophie’s boyfriend that is.

Heath is an attorney and Sophie’s human boyfriend. He has no idea he has been dating a half-human half-werewolf for the last year. He definitely has no idea Sophie is having issues staying faithful to him.

When someone sends Sophie a package with wolfsbane, and a note implying they know she is a werewolf, she knows she must find out who it is before they announce her secret to the world, not to mention the people she works with. Then when she gets a call that her mother has been arrested for the murder of a local political figure for whom she made a love potion, she hopes that is the worst of it. However, as her string of bad luck would have it, on the way to the jail, Sophie spots a very hot male werewolf who makes her hormones stand up and take notice. What is worse, he seems to recognize that she is a werewolf too. Since Sophie has managed to stay under werewolf radar for the last twenty-eight years, she is not too happy to discover that there may be someone else who knows her deep dark secret. Desperate for some answers, Sophie sets out to clear her mother’s name, ignore the new werewolf in town, and figure out who has it so in for her, they went to the trouble of sending her wolfsbane. Will she find out who killed the politician in time? Will she be able to remain faithful to her boyfriend? Will she be able to keep her secret under wraps? Or will everything that has happened force her out into the open causing her to become a target?

Howling at the Moon: Tales of an Urban Werewolf is a fun read. I enjoyed trying to figure out who murdered the politician. The author did an excellent job of feeding you clues while keeping the murderer hidden until nearly the end. I was totally surprised by who the murderer was! The world building is well done and I liked how Ms. MacInerney wove bits and pieces of werewolf mythology into the story. The characters both primary and secondary are well rounded, realistic and easy to relate to. The first person narrative from Sophie’s viewpoint makes her someone that the reader can easily identify with. If you are a fan of Kelley Armstrong, Cheyenne McCray, or Kim Harrison then you will definitely want to check out Karen MacInerney’s Howling at the Moon: Tales of an Urban Werewolf, it is to die for!

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