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ISBN: 0-7582-3661-1/0-7582-3663-8/978-0-7582-1491-1-
October 2008
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue New York, New York 10022
E-Book/Trade Paperback
295 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Grace Hamilton is an impostor. All of her peers of the ton think she is a genteel-born lady looking to make an equal good marriage. But the truth is she is the illegitimate granddaughter of a Count and Countess. Her family is in dire straits, and she must marry for money. When a handsome and debonair lord of the ton approaches her with seduction in mind, Grace quickly follows him. With promises of love and marriage floating in the air, she is quickly seduced. After he has taken her innocence, she finds that it was all a cruel joke and a bet to see who could bed the most virgins.

Considered a pirate and a highwayman, Devlin Sharpe is a bastard-born son of a highborn peer. Rebelling against those who look down upon him, he strives to break every polite rule and shock those who cut him from society. Although, no one hates him more than his half-brother and half-sister. His brother hates how their father treats Devlin like a son more than his legitimate one. His sister has so many issues with him that her body radiates hatred.

When Grace leaves her ravishment with a broken heart and a ripped bodice, she crashes into Devlin. Expecting crude comments and snide remarks from a bastard, she finds herself enthralled by his gentle tone and caring manners. Guiding her to her room without being seen, he treats her as a woman who was abused, not as the morally corrupt woman everyone else would see. With just one glance, a sensual spark is lit between them, and they spend the night exploring their passion for each other. But when the morning comes, will it be a scandal that either one of them can fix?

Ms. Page has written a delightfully sensual story of love. Grace is trying throughout this story to find her place in the world. She feels as if she is one step from being a lady and one step from being a wanton. Devlin is portrayed as the typical class clown of the nineteenth century. Mishaps, adventures, women, and danger surround him as he tries to fit into his own mold. Hot Silk is a fantastic mixture of Danny and Sandy from the movie Grease. Devlin is the rebel in sheep's clothing, trying to fit in while he still feels like an outsider. Grace is the goody two-shoes who has to constantly watch what she says and does or be spotted for the impostor she feels she is. With light bondage, steamy sex scenes, erotic orgies, some same-sex scenes, this romance is a spicy story that will whet any person's appetite. Outstanding read!

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