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ISBN# 978-1-4357-0073-4
October 2007
Lulu Press Inc.
125 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Mariana is spending her exotically wonderful and romantic vacation as a single woman, not her original plan. Her love life has been a series of disappointments and she is ready to swear off men for good.

Samson Madeira is a pro football player, a rancher, and working on a Ph D. He has everything he could ever want or need except the right woman to grow old with. That is until he spots her in a restaurant, just that quickly he knew; she was his.

Samson had never encountered anyone or anything as beautiful as Mariana. She was the epitome of everything he had ever wanted in a woman. Her luscious figure and succulent looking skin had him ready to annihilate any male within arms length. Mariana was rendered speechless looking at Samson. His alpha male attitude only enhanced the total package, and Samson was the ultimate total package. He was quite literally huge in every way. His voice and body were pure pleasure and Mariana was ready to explode for wanting him. Samson’s demands were tempered with the love that poured from his soul. He needed this woman more than he needed his next breath; he only hoped that she felt as strongly as he did. Would Mariana be able to accept Samson, or would her doubts and insecurities jeopardize a love like no other?

Hot does not even begin to describe the level of passion between Samson and Mariana. Samson is so intense he is almost scary with his depth of love and utter devotion to Mariana. She is rightfully overwhelmed at times, but she also knows that Samson is the most amazing man she has ever met. They come together in an explosion of passion that threatens to obliterate the world around them. We should all be so lucky to have a man willing to slay our dragons and carry us off into the sunset. These ladies have a vivid imagination and sure know how to make a man that will melt your.... off!

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