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ISBN#: 1-59632-195-4
January 2006
Loose Id LLC
152 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Mercedes, daughter of the Greek god Zeus and a human woman, is unaware of her heritage. When her best friend Keisha takes her to a bar called The House of Purgatory, Mercy is not so sure this is a good idea. However, when she meets Michael, she begins to change her mind.

Michael, the Archangel thrown out of Heaven for loving a human woman, is the ruler of hell. In a bid to keep God happy and the doorway to hell safe from the Pagan gods, Zeus agrees to allow Michael to lure Mercy into hell. Even though Michael recognizes Mercy on some level, he is still trying to atone for his past sins and vows not to touch her.

When Mercy discovers what Michael has done, and who her father is, she becomes very angry. Unwilling to play by their rules, and tired of being manipulated by men, Mercy takes Raum, a demon, for her lover. Michael, still avoiding temptation, walks away. However, he cannot ignore his feelings when he finds Raum has taken Mercy to see Asmodeus, a Pagan god who is imprisoned in the pits of hell. To prevent Mercy from undoing what he has done to keep the doorway to hell secure, and to protect humanity from Asmodeus who would unleash demons on Earth, he must choose between atoning for his sins, and protecting humanity.

This story kept me glued to edge of my seat. The characters were real and likeable and the descriptions of hell very realistic. The love bond between Michael and Mercy was sweet and hot. My only regret is that the past history between Michael and Mercy was not explored in more detail. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys stories with new mythologies. It was a truly enjoyable read!

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