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ISBN#: 9781604352955
February 2009
Red Rose Publishing
143 Pages
Mainstream Contemporary Romance, Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 3 Cups

Lena Douglas’s life has been in a tailspin after she left her fiancé when she found out about his secret sexual life. Moving across the country to Seattle, she starts a new job and gets on with her life, one that is devoid of her ex.

Stephan Grayson is driving home one day from work when he notices something terrifying. Some woman is being attacked in her apartment. Not usually a knight in shining armor, he knows he cannot stand by and watch the woman be beaten and possibly raped.

After defending her against the unknown assailant, Stephan convinces Lena that he is there for her. Legend in his family states he will know his one true love when he meets her, and for Stephan, Lena is his soul mate. The day after the attack, the mysterious would-be rapist escapes from jail, leaving Lena to depend on Stephan’s help to keep her feeling safe. Just when she starts to feel more secure about going back to her place, Lena gets the sensation of eyes watching her. Finding out it is someone from her past who is out to destroy her, Lena must decide if she wants Stephan in her life, or if he is in danger by association.

Hold On started off with a nail-biting quality, but soon fizzled out. While parts of the story were entertaining, the middle was kind of just “there.” Ms. Thompson did grab my attention once I delved further into the story of Lena and Stephan. Some evil characters are aptly depicted, and this tale of suspense did get better as I read on. With a slow middle but a great climactic build-up to the end, this story of how love can be recognized in an instant will leave you with a smile on your face.

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