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ISBN# (13)9780758220424/ (10) 0758220421
September 2007
Kensington Publishing Corp
850 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
333 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Blood Feud by Hannah Howell

Heming MacNachton and his cousin walk into a trap and he finds himself being held in the dungeon of the sadistic Laird Kerr who wants to find out the secret of his longevity and healing powers. However there is someone who might help him escape if only he can get her to believe he is not a demon. That may be hard to do since he drank someone’s blood.

Brona Kerr does not quite trust her cousin but fears him even more than the man chained in the dungeon despite the rumors about him being a blood-drinking demon. Despite her misgivings, something draws her to him and soon she sets him free. However, the rumors are all too true about his need for blood, and he seems to like hers the best.

Heming, Brona and three other prisoners escape the Kerr dungeons and make their way to safety. Her cousin and his men follow, but that does not stop Brona and Heming from exploring their budding releationship to the fullest. Heming is a half-breed vampire and he suspects that Brona is his mate because her blood healed him so quickly. But can he bring her into a life filled with danger? Others might make the choice for him because Brona has something they want and will stop at nothing to get it.

The Capture by Linsay Sands

Lucy Blytheswood turns down a proposal and her spurned suitor kills her brother and puts her in a dungeon with what he says is a blood sucking monster. It does not matter that he is handsome, after all the devil was a fallen angel.

Tearlach MacAdie, also a half-breed like his cousin, is kidnapped and chained in a dungeon with a defenseless woman. Though he hopes he can save her and himself, he finds that he is growing weaker and less able to fend off his hunger.

Lucy frees herself and Tearlach and together they escape from the dungeon. He reluctantly takes her with him on the perilous journey to save his cousin. Along the way he realizes that she sees him not as a monster, but as a man who happens to need blood to survive. Tearlach is afraid that his life is too dangerous for her, but Lucy has other ideas and makes sure he knows it.

Highland Thirst packs a double punch with loveable heroes and the feisty heroines tailor made for them. Both stories were well written, but it was the quirky secondary characters that stood out for me. This book will entertain anyone who loves a good historical but it has the added bonus of having their heroes fanged and Scottish.

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