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ISBN# (10)0425218759/(13) 9780425218754
December 2007
Berkley Publishing
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
320 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Elisa, daughter of a television star, hates being in the public eye and likes to be left alone. Her hot college lab partner, Maxim, is just about to get his date with her when an accident ends all his hopes and he looses all contact with her. Years later a scandal causes the still shy Elisa to retreat to a cabin in Aspen, but she is soon disturbed by her college crush.

Maxim has moved on from the day he blew up the lab in college, but when he sees Elisa in a tabloid he remembers his desire for her and vows to find her. Even it means braving snow and wind to hike up to her mountain escape.

Locked in a winter paradise, the two find a way to make things sexually thrilling on Elisa’s terms. Giving Elisa what she wants however, might be exactly what Maxim wants for himself.

Hide and Seek is a sexy read with a fun plot. The characters are interesting and I enjoyed the premise of a reserved woman deciding to cut loose. This let me identify with Elisa quickly. Maxim is a good guy, for someone who sleeps around, so it was a bit shocking and terribly romantic when he goes after Elisa. Her sister, Lizzy, is a great supporting character as the overprotective antagonist. Readers will enjoy her loyalty and honest concern. The hide and seek games were charming and match the character’s emotional growth. All the characters are well developed and their behavior is reasonable. The sex is gloriously hot, even in the bitter cold of Colorado. Hide and Seek fills the bill for an entertaining sexy romance and is perfect to curl up with for the night.

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