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ISBN#: Unavailable
March 2008
The Wild Rose Press
55 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Sleeping her way to the top did not work out for Ashleigh. Her lover went back to his wife and now she is alone and jobless. She and her friend are on a vacation in the sun.

Remmao used to enjoy picking up girls in the harbors while cruising on his yacht. An experience last year made him wake up and grow up.

A chance encounter in the harbor of a Mediterranean resort town brings two damaged people together for what could be the love of a lifetime. Neither is long on trust after unpleasant experiences in their pasts, but this could be much more than a holiday romance.

This is a well written tale with an appealing setting, a yacht in a resort town. Remmao is a womanizer who learned his lesson the hard way. Ashleigh is less appealing; I found it hard to feel sorry for her. She had an affair with a married man and used him to promote herself in her company. She is sorry now, but her self pitying attitude is a little hard to take. In spite of Remmao’s experiences in the past he seems to fall for her just a little too quickly, making this romance just a little unlikely. The love scenes are very well done and the settings beautifully described. Overall, this is an entertaining tale.

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