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ISBN# 1-59998-910-7
April 2008
Samhain Publishing, LTD.
E Book
207 pages
Young Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

Rhiannon Godfrey is fourteen and has psychic abilities. She cannot believe her parents are seriously doing this to her. How could they think that she would be fine in a normal school? Even before school starts she knows she will have problems with one girl in particular. It just so happens that Janet is the twin of the boy upon whom she has a crush.

Jared Roberts likes Rhiannon from the moment he meets her. When school starts, he does not understand why Rhiannon begins to push him away. Even though he knows her family is Wiccan, he still wants to go out with her, if only she will take a chance and forget about the trouble his sister has caused.

Rhiannon did not want to move to Crystal Lake. She did not want to leave her friends. But when she realizes the house her parents bought is haunted, she begins to think of ways to send the ghost into the afterlife and thus, end up back at the institute with her friends. But with day to day life tougher than she imagined and an enemy waiting just down the road... or around the corner, will she still have the strength to handle the ghost on her own?

Rhiannon is great. Ms. Hall has done an outstanding job of capturing the feelings of a fourteen year old girl. Even more amazing is the way she has managed to capture the first day of high school for the new kid in town. I was hooked once I started reading and did not stop until I was done. Ms. Hall has captured a new fan and this book is one that I will hold on to so my own daughter can read it... later. This is definitely a keeper.

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