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ISBN# 1-58873-820- 5
January 2006
Renaissance E Books
Price: $4.99
268 Pages
Rating 3 Cups

Hero is a striking Amazon who was disgraced in battle and is now a slave. She has a new master, the handsome Aito. As they spend time together their love grows, but in this ancient world this may not be enough to keep them together, or alive.

Aito, is a Cretan warrior that is happy to have Hero, and treats her in a manner uncommon for the late Bronze Age. When Hero is captured in battle, and he suffers the same fate, his hopes for survival and reunification rest with his ability to free himself.

Once they have fought their way free of captivity the two look for each other across great battlefields. When reunited, the old relationship is gone, but together they may be able to find a new way to fight, survive and love one another.

Hero, The Amazon is a very interesting romance, but the main focus is the history and battle more than love and kisses. Being a history fan myself I really enjoyed this book. The characters were larger than life but fitting for a story set on such a grand scale. I truly enjoyed the battle scenes and the story was very detailed. The love scenes were touching and with a good sensitivity of the period and of the problems showing love for a slave while contending with one’s societal obligations. All things which lead to Hero, The Amazon being a very good book.

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