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ISBN# 978-0-6152-1439-9
June, 2008
Night to Dawn
PO Box 643 Abington, PA 19001
Trade paperback
Price $13.50
190 Pages
Adventure/Greek mythology/fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Hercules and the Moon Goddess

Hercules is a mortal man with god-like strengths and power. He is the son of the God, Zeus, and the mortal woman, Alcmene. He has been plagued by the curses that Zeus' wife Hera has put on him thru the years. He lost his first family, now he has another wife and children only to be taken by the Blue Moon Goddess.

The beautiful moon goddess has many plans for the men she captures; making it look as if a large monster captured them, and they are never seen or heard from again. She finds herself attracted to Hercules, and while she believes she is using him, he is actually using her to escape.

The moon goddess uses her womanly ways in addition to her monster-sized robots to kidnap men straight out of thin air to gain ore for her planet. Hercules must find away to free himself and the other soldiers, but can he do it in time to save their lives?

This is a tale with a bit of mystery involved. It showed the many sides and tribulations of Hercules. It also has very interesting characters that make the story entertaining.

Spawns of the Titans

Hercules is always seeking out adventure and trying to right wrongs, to defeat the forces of evil. He is able to do this because even though he is a mortal he has the powers of the gods from his father, Zeus.

Theseus and Ulysses want to be with Hercules when he leaves on his latest adventure. Ulysses looks up to Hercules and wants him to teach him the ways of fighting.

The barbarians give up a great fight to Hercules, his friends and warriors. Hercules finds that he wants to free slaves on what people believe to be an island of impending death.

This story is filled with pirates and adventures galore. There are many battles showing the strengths and weaknesses of many. Entertaining read.

The legends of Atalanta

Atalanta is the most ferocious woman warrior there ever was. Abandoned by her parents, she was raised by a she-bear the gods sent to keep her safe. She learned how to be one with the bear and learned many ways to fight and survive.

Without knowing someone is observing her, Atalanta kills two attacking centaurs by herself. She struck them both down with an arrow released from her bow.

After fighting the attacking centaurs, she finds herself on the hunt for a ferocious wild boar. She must fight to prove herself among the men. But will she be able to conquer the destructive forces at hand?

What strength and power you can find in this story with jealousy among the men and major killings throughout. Short but entertaining.

Atalanta and the Golden Lion

Atalanta, the well-known women warrior, finds herself in another battle. Battling dragons, and the large, golden lion from which she took the beautiful mane.

Tiberius the Lesser has seen firsthand how Atalanta the warrior fights her enemies and the men who would challenge her. He knows that many will write songs and stories about her throughout history.

With new battles on the horizon, Atalanta and her fellow warriors will have their hands full. There will be bloodshed and consequences for a Atalanta that she could not foresee.

Exciting, and action packed, this seems like the story with the most battles. You also get to see a side of Atalanta as told by a fellow warrior.

Atalanta Alters the Tide of Alida

Atalanta is spending time at the home of her parents when Rassesi comes to her looking for help in defeating a dark force in the underwater, Alida. Longing for another adventure, she readily accepts.

Rassessi had a dream of a man needing help, so he goes to Zeus to find out if it was real. He learns the dream is real and that he can take two others with him to defeat the underworld god.

The three warriors descend into the fight of their lives. Some will live and some will die but can they accomplish their task of defeating the god and releasing Alida from the curse they have been under?

More battles and action with a bit of treachery in this story. Wonderful visions of the gods and monsters. Enjoyable.

Each one of these short stories tells a tale of a different battle between the mortals and gods; between good and evil. These authors do a good job of combining them all in one place for the enjoyment of the reader. Although I am not a fan of Greek Mythology, I did enjoy the stories told in Heroes of Ancient Greece.

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