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ISBN# 1-934055-62-X
July 2006
Silk’s Vault Publishing, LLC
204 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Saba Duer is her village’s headwoman and healer. Against the headman’s orders, Saba goes looking for survivors who might need her assistance after a fireball descends from the sky. She finds a wounded Ryder Vaughan, and is instantly attracted to him.

Running for his life on his ancient ship, Ryder discovers the man who was cheating him has poisoned him. Attempting to take an anecdote and fly his ship at the same time, he is shot down and crash-lands on Adena. When he awakens and hears Saba’s voice, he thinks an angel has found him. Ryder finally comes to his senses in Saba’s hut. It becomes apparent right away that Saba is different from any other woman he has ever met, and he is very attracted to her.

When Tyree, the headman, asks Ryder to use his weapons to kill a creature that also arrived via a fireball, and has been killing the villagers, Ryder is hesitant. Though Tyree makes it clear he wants Ryder to leave Saba alone, Ryder ignores him, quickly falling in love with the gentle healer. Only when Ryder’s questions are answered about just who the creature is do resolutions become apparent.

This book is a great read! The world building is realistic and genuine, allowing the reader to feel they are truly there. The characters’ personalities, including the secondary ones, are well developed and easy to relate to. I enjoyed the emotional tension between Saba and Ryder as they got to know each other, and the extra stress of Tyree’s displeasure as they did so. This book would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s personal library!

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