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ISBN: 1-4199-0038-2
October 2004
Triskelion Publishing
220 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Abbey Harrison is a black witch. After being betrayed by her former fiancé, Greg, Abbey is furious. Abbey is determined to have her revenge. The search for Greg has led Abbey to Manhattan where she is confronted by the handsome witch-hunter Gabriel Marshall.

Abbey cannot deny her attraction to Gabe. If she can just keep out of his bed, she might be able to have her revenge. Defying Gabe’s wishes to leave the city, Abbey discovers revenge is not easy when Greg is murdered. Will the murder and magic tear both Abbey and Gabe apart?

Gabriel Marshall is a witch-hunter. As a witch-hunter, Gabe’s task is to kill any witch within his city, and this includes Abbey. Instead of killing Abbey, he beds her. When Gabe realizes Abbey is not all that eager to accept the black magic, he bends all the rules for the chance to save her. To rescue Abbey, Gabe has to find the black book and reverse the spell. It seems an easy task until Gabe realizes all is not as it seems. There are others involved who are determined to break off any chance of a relationship for Gabe and Abbey. Will Gabe save the one woman who sets his heart racing with just one look?

If you are looking for excitement, then this is the book for you. You will find you are taken on a wild ride of adventure, magic, and murder. You will be taught the meaning of stubborn when you meet Abbey and Gabe in the twists of turns of their spontaneous relationship. However, if you think that is the end, there is a hint of more to come.

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