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ISBN# Paperback-(10)0-06-123103-7/E-book-(13)978-0-06-123103-2/(10)0-06-156676-4/(13)978-0-06-156676-9
January 1, 2008
Avon Red (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
Paperback and E-Book
272 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Connor Bruce has hunted for centuries for the dreamer who prophesied to come to their world and destroy them. He is on a mission to untangle the mysteries of the Elders in Twilight. To his dismay everything he needs to know is being protected in the Temple of the Elders. Something tells him he has a battle on his hands.

Stacy Daniels works hard to raise her son, without any child support from his deadbeat dad. Her ex, a struggling screenwriter, has enough money to party, but not pay child support. She drops out of school and gets government assistance until she finally finds a steady job at a vet hospital.

Conner has a job to protect Dreamers and gentler Guardians. As an elite, he kills Nightmares and guards his people, often having to protect them from the Elders, too. When the Temple becomes breached, he wants the Elders to realize their secrets are not always safe. Just as he has to look over his shoulders and feel unsettled at times, he wants them feel what he is subjected to. He has invested too much of his life into a fake case and they owe him at least that much. When Stacy first meets Conner, she thinks him to be arrogant and bossy, even though thoughts of jumping his bones come into mind. After a while, he kind of grows on a person. She loves his masculine smell and his terrific looks; actually she loves everything about him but she continues to detour her emotions the more he pursues. While the battle continues to ensue for Connor to bring peace to the worlds, he and Stacy try hard to fight the heated sparks that grow stronger between them.

I must say I found Heat Of The Night a delectable read. Not only was the storyline action-packed from the first page to the last, the soaring chemistry between Stacy and Conner is electrifying. Conner is a simple man, a sexy hero, and a hunk from head to toe. Stacy is spirited and when she and Connor are pitted against each other, the room becomes an inferno of heat. Sylvia Day creates a robust, erotic fantasy with intense action, and colorful characters that make this one powerful read. Engaging and unique, she knows how to make the characters leap from the pages and into the heart.

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