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ISBN (13) 9780821780138
ISBN (10) 0821780131
November 2007
Kensington Publishing Corp
850 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
383 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Since her husband died at the Battle of Culloden, Lisle MacHugh and the rest of her clan have been struggling to survive against the elements, starvation, and the English.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Langston Leed Monteith is a traitor earning himself the nickname Black Monteith. He grows wealthy while the other Scots starve, however, there is one thing he wants that he cannot have, and that is Lisle.

When Lisle refuses to marry Langston, he bargains behind her back with her clan and wins her anyway. Once wed, she finds that all is not what it seems and soon she is drawn to her husband and into his deception as well. As for Langston, in Lisle, he finds a dangerous enemy because she does the one thing nobody else has done. She makes him feel. The duo plays a dangerous game of political intrigue that could very easily tip the country back into war.

Heat of the Knight is a good read filled with those great secondary characters that Ms Ivie is famous for. However, there were a few chapters where I do not know what was happening; when Lisle sneaks out on top of the castle at night for one. A few plot points were not tied up, and one small thing was introduced then taken out with a very implausible explanation that did not ring true at all for me, as if the author was going to have the hero do it to the heroine then changed her mind. Ultimately, I just did not care for some of the hero’s methods for ‘saving’ Scotland. Patriotism is one thing, but the ends do not justify the means when it comes to innocent human life.

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