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ISBN# 978-0-553-58966-5
February 28, 2008
Bantam Spectra/Imprint of Random House, Inc.
1745 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
502 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Emily Oldhall has just been married to Nigel. She is part East Indian and part British. She married Nigel partly because she thinks she loves him, and partly because she wanted to get away from her father and being treated like a servant. She has magic, but it is locked within her and she is unable to use it.

Nigel Oldhall comes from an old British family and adores Emily. He is very happy he married her, but he is less happy that he has had to keep a secret from her that could endanger her life.

When Nigel’s brother disappears on a mission for the queen to find the Heart of Light, an ancient ruby that can confer untold magical power on the one who holds it, Nigel is entrusted by the Queen to take over his brother’s mission. However, he does not tell his new wife Emily; instead choosing to keep the knowledge from her. He allows her to believe that the trip to Egypt is for their honeymoon rather than the first leg of his mission. Emily begins to suspect right away that something is not right with Nigel when he first refuses to bed her on their wedding night, and second disappears leaving her alone and undefended once they reach their destination in Egypt. Eventually thinking that he is cheating on her, she searches his room and finds and bonds to a magical compass, but her doing so unleashes a whole new set of problems when the Hyena Men, a secret magical society founded in Africa, attacks and marks both Nigel and Emily. Will their marriage survive the strange trek through Africa to find the ruby? Will they lose their lives as Nigel’s brother did, or will something miraculous happen instead?

I really enjoyed Heart of Light. Ms. Hoyt has a wonderful gift for storytelling. The descriptions of this alternate magical reality interspersed with historical detail from the Victorian era are very realistically drawn, making you feel as though magical flying carpets just have to be real. I loved the idea of this other magical reality and very real belief by the characters in it as there is just not enough magic in the world if you ask me. This book allows you to believe in magic even if only for a little while. I for one cannot wait for Soul of Fire to come out, and I will be one of the first ones in line to get my copy!

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