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ISBN# (10): 0-7783-2609-8/ (13): 978-0-7783-2609-0
January 1, 2009
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
$7.99 U.S./$7.99 Canada
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lindsey Graham works for a magazine, Heart to Heart, and writes a gossip column. After reading about a killer murdering prostitutes and her brother possibly linked to the killings, the gossip scandal hits too close to home.

Thor Draugr, a rugged Norseman, has been away on an island for a few years and is now home. He hopes to find a good woman to share his life, but so far, no one has met his criteria. Lindsey is not his type, he is certain, but something tells him differently.

Lindsey is shocked to learn about the latest murders, more so that the police are questioning her brother. She sets out to do some investigating on her own, even if it means going into the worse possible locations surrounding the dirtiest of brothels. Thor believes it unsafe for her to be out looking for a killer alone. Lindsey is not too keen with Thor following her around, but she does find the brawny man helpful. She soon discovers that Thor is not an easy man to forget when they begin connecting in a different way. Can Thor keep Lindsey safe as they unlock answers to help her brother before it is too late?

Heart of Courage is a wonderful read. Lindsey and Thor are set in their ways with Thor wishing to protect her, while she is strong, feisty, and no docile woman. Lindsey is an excellent heroine, and Thor the perfect hero. I commend Lindsey for going the extra mile to protect her brother. Kat Martin fashions two unique characters that allowed this reader to become a part of their lives. I like the way she makes Lindsey an important mainstay in the storyline. I enjoy how she creates a steady beat in the story, with a few twists and turns that take the reader on a moving journey to locate the murderer while allowing a lovely couple to find the true meaning of love.

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