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ISBN# 1-58608-805-X
January 2006
New Concepts Publishing
166 Pages  
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Aurora was forced to betray her lover Dirk by her then employer who threatened to kill both Dirk and her sister Stella if she did not cooperate.  Now two years later, the future of Earth depends on the two of them working together.  

Dirk is a scientist and a Star Raider.  His new ship is designed to capture dangerous asteroids.  He reveals the plans for it to no one since the last time when Aurora betrayed him and humiliated him in front of the entire Galaxy.  Seeing her again he still wants her, but refuses to trust her.

The future of the Earth depends on the cooperation of two ex-lovers.  Aurora betrayed Dirk for noble reasons, but Dirk is unwilling to forgive and definitely will not forget. The asteroid Colossus is now hurtling towards the Earth and the only way to save it is to combine his technology with hers.  They are still attracted to each other, but can Dirk let go of the past and learn to trust Aurora again?

Heart of a Star Raider is an interesting read, the story line is good and the characters are well developed.  The author does have a tendency to bog the story down with technical jargon, but other than that, it is a very good read.  The story of lovers separated and reunited is always a good one.

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