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ISBN# 978-1-60142-010-7
April 15, 2008
Multnomah Publishers
12265 Oracle Blvd, Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Price $12.99
336 Pages
Fiction/ Religion and Spirituality
Rating: 5 Cups

Sara Rollins is an oncologist who always goes the extra mile for her patients, encouraging them with her faith in God, praying with them and just offering herself as a friend. But the tides have changed and her husband Clint becomes a cancer patient and now her faith is being tested in a way that she could never expect. She is not sure how she can cope with two small kids, her practice, and the guilt of not figuring out Clint’s cancer first. She is not sure that she wants to depend on God; after all, he is allowing this to happen, right?

Clint Rollins is an FBI agent; a good, strong, solid man who is good at his job and he stands tall and firm in his faith. Yet when he is hit by a bullet during a police standoff, it becomes much more than that quickly. He has cancer. He does not want to give up, but the chemo is taking its toll and it makes him feel so useless. But he still tries to work because they need him, or is it he needs them, to catch a child killer before more innocent children are taken.

Life has forever changed the lives of Clint and Sarah, their children, their family, and even their friends. Each tries to deal with Clint’s disease the only way they can. But there are those who know just what they need to make it; their Faith in God. Life is rough for them, yet it also brings small joys along the way, making new memories to cherish verifying that God is in control of their lives and he knows just what he has in store for each of them.

This book is so personal for me. I thought Ms. Wallace was inside my head reading this book. I also have a strong faith yet like most of us I doubt or worry when I should be trusting. I found answers that I did not even know I was looking for. I went on this emotional roller coaster with all of the characters- they ALL play a vital part in this book. And when I reached the last two pages, I broke down and sobbed my heart out. Words cannot describe what a powerful, passionate book this is. I personally feel that God has used Ms. Wallace as a vessel to speak a message of hope to those who will listen.

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