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ISBN# 978-1-921347-86-3
February 19, 2009
Dark Castle Lords (DCL Publications)
137 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jason Gianarsi wishes his grandfather would stay out of his love life. His grandfather insists he marry and give him a great-grandson to stay in his will. Jason wants to marry a woman he loves, not the clingy one his grandfather chooses.

Chiara Lee has worked with Jason for five years. Thanks to her fraternal grandmother, she can even speak Greek. Intent on being the greatest P.A. to Jason, she keeps their relationship a hands-off one.

When Chiara first started to work with Jason, she told herself she would not fall for his sexy charm or good looks. She found him witty and one handsome devil, but kept their relationship work only. Jason wonders where he would be without Chiara. After his grandfather suggests taking him out of the will, Jason assures him that he is already a billionaire and needs no extra money. When his grandfather continues to push him on the subject, he marries Chiara to rub the license in his face. Chiara is someone he can actually share communication with, but he had no idea their close friendship would lead to much more. Can they find happiness together or will others find a way to break up their marriage?

I really enjoyed Handsome Devil. I loved how the characters of Jason and Chiara got along together in the workplace and as their friendship budded into more. The portrayal of Jason is pure animalistic charm. His whole demure is definitely handsome as all get out, but what I liked most about him was what emerged inward from the heart. I think Chiara was the one that brought out the best in him. Now, the grandfather -- that was a different story. He was indeed a cad. Kate Hofman sketches delightful characters and a story that is well worth the read.

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