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ISBN# 987-0-6152-4026-8
July 2008
Night to Dawn Books
Barbara Custer c/o Night to Dawn PO Box 643 Abington, Pennsylvania 19001
284 pages
Mystery / Crime
Rating: 4 cups

Jimmy Malone is an old fashioned super hero. He secretly works alongside the police as The Black Ghost. As long as people do not learn who he really is, especially the police who he aims to help. Using his anonymity, he can bend and break the rules that bind the local law enforcement.

Penny Malone married Jimmy knowing his alternate identity. Being the only person who does results in her often helping Jimmy in his crime fighting adventures. She has also been known to not only provide an alibi for Jimmy but to dress up as The Black Ghost to help keep Jimmy’s secret safe.

This is a collection of stories depicting a number of The Black Ghost’s adventures. Jimmy has been trained in a number of Martial arts and fighting methods. He is also more than competent with his favored guns. Jimmy’s step-father is in charge of the detective department of the local police. This is where The Black Ghost finds most of the crimes he fights. Although his father suspects Jimmy’s involvement with the masked man, he has never been able to prove it.

Reading this book has been an education for me. Mr. Johnson describes his work as a ‘Pulp Thriller’. This is a genre I had never heard of let alone read, but from the introduction forward, I was hooked. These stories are strong and exciting, as are the characters. Jimmy has a strong sense of justice and a compelling need to protect those he deems innocent. Penny is Jimmy’s wife and the stable part of his life. It takes a great strength of character to be able to support a man with such an unusual hobby. Mr. Johnson has written an enlightening book and I will definitely be interested in reading more about his unique hero.

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