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ISBN# 1586083856
January 2004/ re-issued- August 2008
New Concepts Publishing
E Book
122 pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Kiran is a Niahan, the nomadic race of Niah. He is on a sacred journey to find the Storm--one who commands the elements. He is to remain pure of mind, body and soul. On his way he encounters what he believes to be a small, fire-haired child defending a watering hole. Upon discovering the child is actually a full-grown woman, he faces a dilemma.

Almost everyone in Tempest’s colony has contracted an illness and died. The exceptions are Tempest, her best friend, Georgia, and Tempest’s little brother, Dallas. When her two companions get sick and die, Tempest ends up living in a cave until Kiran approaches the watering hole that she considers her own.

Life on Niah is hard. It is an arid land that was once lush and green. Since birth, Kiran has been told of his destiny to help bring Niah back to life. Tempest is tired of living alone and follows Kiran on this quest. This sacred journey takes them into places where they never dreamed they could go.

There is so much going on between the action, the adventure, and the sexual tension, that it makes it hard to put this story down. The author keeps the story relatively similar to life in the here and now, yet puts a new spin on certain items. The variety of characters kept this tale from growing tiresome as Kiran and Tempest trek through the desert. I am not usually one for futuristic books of any sort, but this one was a good story. Ms. O’Connor certainly opened this reader’s mind to a whole new world.

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