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ISBN #: 9781419919794
March 2009
Cerridwen Press
126 Pages
Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 5 Cups

Marian Greenway is the daughter of a soldier. Her father is missing in action and a cousin has usurped the family estate. She has to work as a governess to support herself and her mother. Fortunately, she likes the work and is good at it.

David Armstead, Earl of Wyle, is also an artillery officer. An injury has forced him home and his relatives are plaguing the divorced earl to remarry. In a moment of desperation he listens to his less than wise best friend.

Marian Greenway is greeted in an unusual way when she arrives at the home of her new employer. She is rushed into a dinner dress and introduced as Lord Wyle’s fiancée to his whole family. He is under the impression that she is an actress, not the new governess. He soon gets the idea that Marian would be a much better wife than governess and is determined to make her see things his way.

This is an exceptionally well written Regency story. The characters are vivid, attractive, but not perfect by any means. The plot has much more than just the romance to offer. Marian’s cousin Cole and his machinations add a touch of suspense to an already very good romance. Wyle and Marian are very evenly matched and he needs her to remind him of his responsibilities outside of the army. The exciting climax of the story is a nail biter and the secrets that come out during it make the secrets and mysteries of the plot very clear. This is a must read for Regency fans.

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