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ISBN# 978-0-352-34170-9
April 2008
Black Lace
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA, United Kingdom
279 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Paula Beckett is your average young woman with a problem; she is possessed by a dead witch named Isidora Katori who wants her body.

Rafe Hathaway is a good man who also has a problem; his father died in a horrible way from a genetic disease when he was forty-two. Rafe is forty and though he has never been tested for the disease, deliberately so, in fact, he can feel the clock ticking.

When Paula wakes from one of the vivid sex dreams featuring Isidora, she is afraid to go back to sleep because Isidora has gained control of her body before and she is terrified it could happen again. Instead she goes to a small club where she knows she will be in control. Still, it is a place to be so that she is in control of her body and not Isidora, or so she thinks. Instead she meets Rafe, a man whom she finds herself wanting almost immediately, but she knows there is danger because Isidora thrives on sex and is not above taking over Paula’s body to get it. Strangely, even though the sex is quick and outside a club the first time, these two seem to form a strong bond; one that is strong enough for Paula to eventually share her problem with Rafe. He believes her, but as they grow closer and closer, Isidora makes her appearance, and Rafe finds himself drawn to both Paula and Isidora. However, he knows he cannot have both women. He will need to choose one. He can choose caring, affection, and mind-blowing sex with Paula, or the immortality that Isidora offers, which would prevent him from dying early as his father did if he has the same genetic disease. Which woman will he choose to help?

Gothic Heat is terrifyingly realistic in the way that it is written. You can feel Paula’s sheer terror at being taken over by the spirit of this evil woman who is trying to cheat death and avoid whatever the afterlife will bring her. I loved how Paula was able to find a man who believed her, and who was willing to help her. Rafe’s vulnerability with the possibility of his having the same genetic disease as his father and the very real temptation Isidora poses to him gives the story real edge. The sex is blistering hot whether it is between Rafe and Paula or between secondary characters. The whole idea of immortals that wield magic running around the world and causing mayhem, or helping, whatever the case may be made the story very enjoyable as well. I especially liked how Ms. Da Costa kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen with these two lovers next. This erotic romance by Ms. Da Costa is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to read and I am looking forward to reading many more by her!

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