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ISBN: (13)9780373266562/ (10)0373266561
December 2008
Worldwide Mystery, a division of Harlequin
250 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Esbeth Walters is a retired math teacher who has suddenly become rather unpopular with the local law. It seems that in her retiring age, she has become something of a sleuth, and unexpected circumstances in the past have led to some unfortunate events. Now she is being asked once again to do some detective work for her sometimes ornery friend, Boose.

Gardner Burke, a rest-home resident and former forensic pathologist, checked himself into the nursing home when his wife passed away, and stayed by shouting out odd phrases that made absolutely no sense. Now he is ready to get on with his life, and he breaks out of the home in order to help a certain spry lady amateur sleuth.

With both Gardner and Esbeth on the case, things become a little bit more complicated. They are not only looking for a con artist, they are dipping into a suspicious suicide and trying to keep two steps ahead of everyone else. With the FBI, local law enforcement, a nurse who is on the demented side, and some mob hit men swarming around them, both will have to keep their wits about them. To forget even once who they are up against could mean the difference between life and death for both of them.

Goodbye, She Lied is a funny story about one woman who is willing to go that extra mile, even if it takes her all day! Esbeth reminds me of Estelle Getty from The Golden Girls with her zappy comebacks and her can-do attitude, and Gardner comes off as suave and debonair, a Cary Grant persona. You will laugh as these two comical characters bumble their way through the mystery and suspense of their cases. With laugh-out-loud scenes and unforgettable characters, Mr. Hall has written a mystery that calls to all of the amateur sleuths within us.

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