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ISBN: 978-0-06-157522-8
April 29, 2008
Harper Collins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
Mass Market Paperback
480 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Betsy Tannenbaum is finally getting somewhere in her career, even if her husband does feel threatened. Her life with her daughter is fantastic and she loves spending time with her. Yet, when the next case comes up for her to take, she is not sure what to do. But all she can do is find out the truth. Her defendant looks very guilty, but she must be sure to do more than just think that. She needs the facts, but this one case could be very costly for her. Is it worth it?

Martin Darius is a sick man, but he does not like being convicted of a crime he had nothing to do with. The one person who might actually listen to him is a woman, but she has only tried cases for women. He is desperate and needs to be heard as well. Past mistakes are coming back to get him, but he just does not want to see any one else hurt. He has no clue of the horror he is about to go through, or how many lives will be affected.

A serial killer is at it again, or so the police in Portland, Oregon think. Black roses and notes that have been seen before make the police think the killer is at it again. They bring in the man they think is responsible, but there is not enough evidence to prove it, or so the Oregon police think. Betsy Tannenbaum is shocked to be asked to represent the man thought to be behind the black roses and notes. She just wishes that she could believe him, but even she doubts what he is saying, yet it is her job to represent him. At the end of the day, will things work out, or will horrible things go on?

Mr. Margolin had me on the edge of my seat. This author knows how to not only have you completely disgusted with the crimes involved, but wanting to find out what actually will happen! I cannot get enough of the twists, turns, and shocks that are throughout this great book. Looking back, I figured out more than I thought, but the ending still got me. If you are looking for one thrill ride that will leave you guessing, this is it! Again, I do not recommend reading this author’s books after dark. They are good, but having a good imagination will only make one very jumpy.

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