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ISBN #: 978-1-59632-489-9
July 2007
Loose Id
127 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Shifter Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Crys Hollister rushed home after she learned of the death of most of her family, only to be targeted by the killer herself. She managed to kill the monster who claimed she was his mate, but now finds that she is a wolf and unable to change back.

Donavan Vitello is a scary hunter werewolf and has been searching for a long time for his mate. Crys supposedly is Pete the killer’s mate, but why is he getting such strong feelings for her, and why is she responding only to him? It is nice to find a woman who is not intimidated by him.

When Crys kills her family’s killer in self-defense, a whole new series of problems arise. It seems that she might not be able to survive without her now deceased mate, and a copycat is trying to kill her and Donovan and kidnap her only surviving relative, baby Lizzie.

Ms. Bryce has created an interesting world of werewolves living among humans. They can only have children with humans possessing a particular gene and they mate forever. Crys has an unusual problem; her supposed mate is dead by her hand and she has a niece to raise. The reader will figure out the solution sooner than the protagonists, but it is enjoyable to read about the process. I always like the scary Donovan who scares all the other wolves, but turns into jelly for baby Lizzie, and Crys is the perfect partner for him. She is almost as tall as he is and not intimidated. Amalee the doctor/veterinarian is another great character and so is the Sheriff Ross. The killer’s identity was a complete surprise to me and the author does a great job of building the suspense to a very satisfying conclusion. I cannot wait to go back to Nowhere.

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