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ISBN: 1-934337-20-X (Trade Paperback) / 1-934337-10-2 (E-Book, CD)
November 1, 2007
Asylett Press
3616 Devil Three Jump Rd., Little Plymouth, VA 23091
Trade Paperback / E-Book / CD
$7.60 / $3.99 / $5.99
272 Pages
Paranormal Romance / Horror
Rating: 4 Cups

Amy Stevens and her husband Nathan have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time, and their love life as well as their marriage is starting to suffer. Amy wants nothing more than to get back some of the romance they once shared. She has one incredible dream that leaves her mind and body aching for more, and soon their marriage is not the only thing she is risking.

John Linton is unjustly tried and convicted of theft in the bank where he is employed in the early 1800’s. Once he served his term, he used his business sense to make himself a very rich man, but his dream of having a family was not to be. Living out eternity in a kind of limbo is very lonely, until John makes contact with Amy. Her soul is the first bright light he has encountered in his ghostly existence.

Amy is very hesitant to believe in the supernatural, but she cannot shake the feeling that her dream lover is more than just that. Upon discovering that she is finally pregnant, Amy becomes more and more convinced that Nathan is not her baby’s father. The man from her dream is constantly on her mind, and she seeks out the help of a psychic to get some answers. Through the act of automatic writing, Amy meets John. He tells Amy of his life, his incarceration, and the death of his wife. His state of existence is harder to explain, but he tries to show Amy how much he needs and loves her. Amy is now convinced that John is the father of her baby, and she wants very much to be with him. Her husband and mother fear for Amy’s mental and physical health, and have Amy committed. With drugs and therapy Amy resumes her normal life, but the need to know if John is real still weighs heavily on her mind. Like an addict, she has had a taste of ecstasy and it only takes one more hit for her to be hooked again. There is only one thing standing in her way to be with John, life.

Conflicted is the only word that comes to mind when describing my feelings about this story. The characters and their emotions are hauntingly vivid. Amy’s character tests the boundaries of sanity in such a way that the reader is caught up in her inner struggle. The storyline itself is very well written, and the need to know how it all ends will keep you glued to the pages. Your heart aches for her, but at the same time it is hard to support her decisions. The question of sanity is eerily portrayed and weaves a web of torment that is hard to resist.

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