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ISBN #978-1-58749-667-7
May 23, 2008
241 Pages
Historical Western Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lieutenant George C. Hawkins feels as a soldier, he has a duty and a responsibility, not only to himself, but to his deceased father. When he refuses a direct order, he pays the consequences. George begins working at the Lazy D and seeing Maggie everyday brings on new developments.

Maggie Douglas is determined to live by her rules and not man’s. Maggie Douglas is willful and speaks her mind. When she hears why the Army dismissed George, she is outraged. She has true compassion for the Indian race and is not afraid to speak her opinions on anything.

George finds the raids upon the Indians unsettling. Some experiences still trouble him. When he learns he is being reassigned to another location in Indian Territory, it puts a shiver down his spine. He is bothered by the raids upon the Indian people, not to mention the poor conditions of the men serving in the military. His turning point arrives after he refuses a direct order from his commanding officer. No longer with the Army George is hired by Maggie’s father. She is determined to not let George get under her skin no matter how hard he pursues her but working together could make a difference.

Ghost Dancers is a remarkable story. I was amazed by the character of George. His emotions are deep and really touched upon this reader. He wants to do more for people but his hands are tied. His actions are genuine and come alive in this story. There were times I felt his trepidation. I love Maggie and her strong backbone to survive in a harsh land. Diana Rogers pens an extraordinary tale of hardships, prejudice, wars, and finding love, during a time when the world showed very little for mankind. This excellent story comes highly recommended.

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