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ISBN# 1-59431-616-3
May 2008
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290 Pages
Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Luke Boniface was married before and does not wish to go down that path again. Then he learns two wise elders placed a personal ad for him in the Toronto Star for a wife.

Tara Rivers is a journalist, acclaimed in her field with the Toronto Star. She cannot believe her ex is shopping for a wife. She is sent on assignment to cover the event.

Luke enjoys being a policeman but not learning the precinct knows about the personal ad placed to gain him a wife. Then seeing his ex-wife, Tara, show up to discuss the ad is not something he envisioned. She can still make the heat fill his veins. Tara is not happy being sent to cover the personal ad for Luke. One look into those dreamy eyes, that hooked her twelve years ago, and she is smitten again. Luke really does not wish to discuss marriage, but Tara is like a ghost from the past, that awakens his senses. As the two fight their once again attraction, Luke wonders if Tara could give up her career to live in the boonies with someone a second time around.

Full-Time Wife is a remarkable tale. I love the drama, along with the wit, instilled within the story. Anna Dynowski pens true-to-life characters where one can almost visualize the whole scenario of the story. The writing is unique, and from the heart. The dialogue keeps the story moving at a good pace. I was hooked from the beginning. I could see Luke and his expression, with the personal ad, down to the incoming letters. This extraordinary read is loaded in romance, passion, and patience, bringing sparkle, dazzle, and pizzazz to the pages. There is a piece of Tara and Luke in my heart, I will always treasure.

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