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ISBN# 978-1-55478-010-3
February 1, 2008
eXtasy Books
336 Pages
Chicklit Contemporary Silver Steam Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

CJ is a 42-year-old woman in need of a change that she gets with a stranger at a bar. This tryst makes her understand that she still loves and desires her husband with whom she has not had sex in two years. This begins a course of lust and sex and more sex. She now feels sexy, wanted and extremely hot freeing her inhibitions so she can be with her husband and the partners he knows nothing about.

Charlie is CJ's husband. He cannot figure out how or why things went bad between him and CJ. He can only think that she is having an affair. Now, she is coming after him with a new passion that he totally enjoys. Yet, things are somehow still not quite right.

CJ learns from each of her partners. As she is on a journey of self-discovery, she takes Charlie along to reap the benefits. Only, he does not know what CJ is doing. Things spiral so far out of control that CJ finds herself in a position she may not be able to fix. When will the dangerous adventures end? Or will they?

I have to say that this book has very interesting and likeable characters. However, I feel that their storyline fell flat. It started out making sense, yet in my opinion, ended up just being a story of sex. There is very little of anything else that happens. I did not get the author's vision of CJ’s story. At the very end, there were some explainations, yet not enough to redeem the story for me. I personally would not recommend this book unless you like your stories with a tremendous amount of sex. Sometimes too much takes away from the story and I feel that way about Forty Love.

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