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ISBN: Unavailable
April 2009
Wild Horse Press
210 Pages
Contemporary Romance; General Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Jason Matthews is the new kid on the block at M&P, otherwise known as Melrose and Pounder, one of the top ranking financial firms in Manhattan. While there, he notices a man who keeps to himself, a man who may have just the thing Jason needs to succeed in the cutthroat world of financial services.

Lauren Wheaton has had a privileged life; her father owns Wheaton Industries, otherwise known as WI. She knows she could live off her trust fund and spend her days lazing around the pool, but she wants something more out of life. So she changes her name to Lauren Charles and heads to the nearest available job, working as a cashier at Kmart.

Back in the fifth grade, Lauren and Jason were friends until Lauren’s mother found out she was associating with the janitor’s son, and so her mother put a stop to it. As both Jason and Lauren make their way into society, each will follow their own path to a great destiny. Being on opposite ends of the United States, Lauren and Jason frequently hear about each other’s success stories through a mutual person but cannot seem to meet up at one point or another. After years of self-discovery and trials and errors, Lauren and Jason have the chance to finally meet, but will they take it or are they destined never to be in the same place together again?

Fortune’s Child was such an easy and smooth read that I found myself up until almost two in the morning trying to finish the novel. Ms. Adams has written such an inspirational story about taking charge of one’s life and changing it to fit them. It was great. The only complaint I have is that the romance really was not there until the very end, and readers may feel as though the story is more fiction than romance. The most surprising part of the whole book for me was the fact that working with the NYSE, Jason’s line of work did not put me to sleep. In fact, I found myself riveted for most of the book! There are no steamy sex scenes; however, the characters came alive, and I found myself fascinated with both Lauren and Jason and who they finally became.

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