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ISBN#: 978-1-60435-062-3
January 2008
Red Rose Publishing
97 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Maria Ramos has run away to Italy to find comfort with her grandmother and sister. Her husband never loved her, just used her to make partner and then found someone else. She never wanted to be a lawyer, but sought acceptance from others by becoming what they wanted. Not any more.

Gabriel does not believe in the all consuming love that others tell him exists, that is until he sees his childhood friend Maria again. The vineyard owner thought that he had it all, now he needs one more thing, Maria.

Italy was always a place where she felt loved and that she belonged, obviously her sister felt the same way. The love story between Gabriel and Maria is a bit rocky, Maria is pretty damaged by life and Gabriel takes his time, giving the reader some pretty hot love scenes.

I really enjoyed this romantic tale, perfect for the season. Maria really feels unlovable thanks to her mother and her ex. The other characters are really well done and essential in the story, particularly Maria’s bossy and selfish mother. There is mention of the father, but he never appears in the story. I like how Maria overcomes her past insecurities to take another chance with Gabriel and I loved how Gabriel took the time to help her. The setting in Italy is beautifully described; it will make you want to go there yourself.

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