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ISBN: unavailable
August 2008
Eternal Press
41 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Faith Oliver has always had a problem with her weight. Her entire life has revolved around food as a reward, a comfort, and a diversion. Her weight is like a giant blanket that is slowly smothering the real Faith.

Joshua comes to Faith in her dreams. He is everything she could possibly want in a man, and if only for a little while he is hers.

Faith has finally found the motivation to shed her heavy shell. Her nightly visitor has given her something besides food to concentrate on. He has shown her pleasure beyond anything she has ever experienced. If only she could understand why she is having these erotic dreams, and who this man really is. Faith sees a doctor to unravel the mystery of her dream man, and what she discovers only raises more questions. She may be losing her weight, but could she also be losing her sanity?

Faith’s issues with her weight are something almost anyone can relate to. She wants so badly to become the woman she feels like on the inside, it makes your heart ache for her. Ms. Simpson does a wonderful job of giving Faith the depth of character to make her come alive for her readers. However, her story is not all sweetness and light, for she struggles and fights every step of the way. I find that to be the most inspiring aspect of Faith’s journey.

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