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ISBN#: 9781419909788
March 2007
Cerridwen Press
150 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Marky Neville has been called a freak by everyone she knows, including her parents for her whole life, so she spends most of it alone. She has the ability to manipulate the air, but cannot control it and is desperate to learn how.

Trip Laurin makes a good living traveling around the country finding things for people. He makes good money and has nothing and no one to tie him down. He has been hired to find a woman with paranormal talents, but does not expect her to be so brave or himself to be so attracted to her. Trip maybe a bit of an opportunistic, but Marky really gets to him and he is determined to help her out.

A woman with the talent to manipulate air and wind is in search of a way to control her talent so that she can have a somewhat normal life. A doctor claims to be able to help her and learn more about her “talent”. Things do not turn out exactly as planned and Marky wonders if she will survive her “training”.

Force of Nature is a suspenseful story. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Trip would find Marky in time. Dr. Thornton and his assistant the creepy Jesse are so very evil in different ways that you will dislike them immediately. I wondered why they were not more suspicious about a compound with razor wire on the fences, not usual security, but understand that Marky was desperate to control her talent. She is a great character, a woman who does not hesitate to use her talent to help, even knowing the consequences. The plot line is exciting and a real page turner. Ms. Miller does a wonderful job keeping her readers involved in the plot.

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