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ISBN# 1555-5488 Vol. 107-SE
October 18, 2007
Midnight Showcase
PO Box 300491, Houston, TX 77230
216 Pages
Historical Erotic Fiction
Rating: 4 Stars

A tragedy has torn Victoria’s life apart. Alone and injured she fears she will lose the men she loves, her two best friends since childhood, Running Wolf and Standing Oak, both of whom are Cherokee chiefs.

The men are steps away from war even though they grew up like brothers, and they both desire Victoria. Running Wolf has always been the hot headed one and lost his temper and control with Victoria, but is willing to do anything to get her back. Standing Oak is calmer than Running Wolf but will fight him using any and all methods at his disposal to keep Victoria.

As the English and others are ready to attack the Cherokee, Victoria must work to get her men to work together, keep a young Cherokee from challenging the two chiefs, and protect the one white man she can trust.

While a shocking story, Forbidden Love is also one of great drama and intense love. Victoria’s will to survive is my favorite aspect of Forbidden Love. The men are unique in their desires and actions. None were better than the others, but I did have a favorite. This is a stark story and the characters demonstrate the will to survive and the need to be loved. This combination kept me interested even when the plot seemed a bit stretched in logic. The villains were repugnant in their behavior but their actions and those of the heroes pulled me into this facet of the plot quickly. Sex was a frequent focus of the book as they build their lives together. Standing Oak and Running Wolf’s relationship and how they rebuilt their own brotherly bond was another excellent part of the story and is enough to recommend the story on its own. While not what I was expecting, I truly know that Forbidden Love is a multi-cultural keeper.

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