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ISBN# (10)0-373-26659-6/(13)978-0-373-26659-3
January 2009
Worldwide Library Worldwide
253 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sam McCain has a primary job as an attorney, and a secondary one as a private investigator for the Judge Esme Anne Whitney.

Richie Neville is a local photographer and everyone loves his work. He often hires Sam to do some legal work for him and allows him to fish from his pier and visit his cabin.

David Leeds is the boyfriend of Lucy Williams, a senator’s daughter. He is ambitious and happens to be black, she white, which is not good for Senator Williams’ re-election plans.

It is August 1963 and the civil rights marches are growing fast. Sam is checking on facts surrounding David Leeds and Lucy Williams. As the daughter of a senator, Lucy’s father worries what this will mean to his campaign election. How will it look with an innocent white girl dating a black man? Sam is on his way to Richie’s cabin only to find Richie and David dead. One shot in the neck, the other in the face. Marie Leeds arrives in Iowa from Chicago after hearing about her brother’s death. She wants Sam to make sure his investigation can find the killer of her brother. With tension mountings around the civil right marches, Sam’s list of suspects grows everyday.

I found this story quite intense as it reflects back to years when prejudice was a part of society. Mr. Gorman paints a good picture of the civil rights movement and how things actually were in the sixties between some of the whites and blacks. I thought he wrote a well-developed story, with in-depth characters eager to get to the bottom of things. This private eye's series is astonishing as Mr. Gorman instills a story where not only the author, but the reader can see how things are changing in the world during this time period. Fools Rush In is an excellent mystery with just the right amount of justice for all, in a book that definitely held my attention from beginning to end

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